IT appears in this country that we have a two tiered them and us approach to Covid-19.

The us being the woman from Warrington who failed to selfisolate for 14 days upon returning from Mykonos and consequently being fined £1,000.

The them being the elite, like former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier who travelled from Glasgow to London while awaiting the results of her Covid test and then returning from London to Glasgow while testing positive.

The Metropolitan Police said that regulations under which the MP could have been punished, namely reg 11, section two of the health protection regulations 2020, which relates to self-isolation requirement, only came into effect on September 28, after she travelled.

So they are taking no action.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair visited a restaurant in Mayfair, London, 10 days after returning from Washington after applying to Whitehall officials for special dispensation, following a visit to the White House, as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office provides travel exemptions to diplomats travelling on business relating to the interests of the UK.

We’ve seen Stanley Johnson [father to the Prime Minister] not wearing a mask while visiting shops; the Queen and Prince William on her first official visit since lockdown not wearing masks; former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attending a dinner for nine, breaking the rule of six that is written in law and the now infamous behaviour and actions of the government’s aide, Dominic Cummings, with his flexible guidelines and special circumstances.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath