AS a local taxpayer keen to ensure I have value for money, I read with interest Mr Haggett’s letter in the Warrington Guardian regarding the council’s investment in Redwood Bank (Warrington Guardian, October 15).

I also watched the council’s audit committee meeting online recently where I heard the council’s auditors, Grant Thornton, declare that the council had done nothing unlawful and there was no further report needed except for the accounts to be finally signed off – nothing more to see you might say?

Mr Haggett and his co-conspirator, Mr Buttery, seem content to play the game of armchair auditors, making allegations regularly about the council, despite this matter being fully dealt with, and they continue to use obfuscation and complex arcane argument for their amusement and their entertainment.

As it was declared, their pastime has already cost the taxpayer a significant sum – which could have been much better spent on dealing with the current public health crisis.

If they were really confident and really believed their own propaganda then they would have confidently gone to the courts – they could have even tried to crowd fund.

They prefer to abuse taxpayer resources so they can appear to be the guardian of the taxpayer.

Why should I pay for this?

I don’t agree that the council should have to get involved in seeking returns from investments as there are always risks, as is being shown by Manchester City Council’s investment in the airport.

The council is only doing this because it is not funded properly in the first place.

Mr Haggett and former UKIP parliamentary candidate Mr Buttery, why don’t you come clean about your personal agendas, which have come to nothing and has cost us all a large amount of money?

A DODD Fairfield