WE live in Warrington on the borders between Warrington and Merseyside near Newton-le-Willows and St Helens, but we are in tier 2.

We have three children, all of whom attend the local village school, which is also in tier 2.

All three children play football for the same local team in different age groups which is based on the borders in Newton-le-Willows, which is tier 3.

I have just received a message from the football coaches to say that all three of our children can no longer train and play for their team as Liverpool FA have put in restrictions so only players in tier 3 can play for tier 3 teams.

This means that we will now have three very upset and unhappy children.

The really maddening thing is that at least five or six other children in the three separate teams live in Newton le Willows, which is tier 3, but they actually attend the tier two school in our village where they are allowed to mix in class and during PE.

This doesn’t make any sense at all!

Will the Government be banning tier 3 children from attending tier 2 schools and vice versa in the very near future too?

I think the Government has opened a big can of worms here as they will have lots of unhappy children and families not being able to play their beloved sports with their friends and school friends all because of this area tier system.

The Government is dividing the country and making people very and angry upset through categorisation into groups and classes.

I can understand the reasons for lockdown measures in certain areas for adults but why the children when they are all fine together mixing in schools?