OVER the past two years Lymm has become a magnet for scooters, motorbikes and cars speeding through the village at 50mph plus, revving engines loudly at junctions and illegally modified exhausts.

Warrington Borough Council and the police have been asked to intervene all this time, but they have done nothing.

Every day for the past week, the council and police have jointly been notified of every incident through Fix My Street.

Last night, 29 vehicles raced through the village from 10.15pm until past midnight, waking residents up.

Some vehicles doubled back, their recognisable engines revving to painful and disturbing levels deliberately.

These illegal activities – speeding, ASB, and illegal exhaust modification – have been reported to the council and local police by residents again and again, no action has ever been taken.

In recent months and during the lockdown, the situation has only worsened, yet the police and council still do nothing.

Their inaction has become so problematic, that the council now fails to even acknowledge incidents brought to its attention.

This total failure in duty of the police and council is unacceptable, and adds to the long list of abdications of all public authority against illegal behaviour – drug dealing, breaking of Covid restrictions, and ASB – in Lymm.

As the quality of our lives is negatively impacted, and before someone is killed, what is the leadership of Warrington Borough Council and Cheshire Police going to do about this, and when?