I AM sending this letter to highlight major failings in Ikea’s plan to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

I can’t see how restaurants and bars could be forced to close and this place stay open, I would not class it as an essential shop.

Daily, thousands of people from all over the north west, as far as Blackpool, the Isle of Man, Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Liverpool and North Wales stream into the store.

Its location lies at the very heart of the outbreak in the north west and it is impossible that it is not increasing the rates of transmission in the region due to the number of people mixing inside in close proximity.

Social distancing is not followed within the store and it is very difficult to achieve anyway with tight walkways and large numbers of people indoors.

The chances for transmission to occur within the store are numerous.

For example, people pick up products and place them back down to be picked up by others.

Not all customers wear masks in the crowded showrooms and the situation at the checkouts is even worse with long queues due to an inadequate amount of tills open.

It boggles my mind how this non-essential store is allowed to remain open.

If you want to see the chaos visit on a Saturday or Sunday.