WHILE Warrington is in a local Covid-19 restriction lockdown, once again we have seen the rules and guidelines broken by the elite.

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier travelling from Glasgow to London while awaiting the results of her Covid test and then returning from London to Glasgow while testing positive.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attending a dinner for nine, breaking the rule of six that is written in law.

And now President Trump doing a drive by while hospitalised with Covid.

Yet this Boris Johnson-led Conservative government and party are unable to criticise any of these people and their behaviour because it is compromised because it defended the behaviour and actions of Dominic Cummings.

The Government aide that broke his own rules and sold us the idea that they were nothing more than flexible guidelines, that allowed him to travel from London to the family’s country estate in Durham while Covid positive and from Durham to Uncle Bernard’s castle to check his eyesight out.

Yet we read of five welders from Doncaster working in the Isle of Man being jailed for two weeks for breaking Covid rules.

Boris Johnson is a busted flush and we are living under the ruling elite of do as I say and not as I do, as we are being threatened with fines while the law makers are excused and beyond reproach.


Stockton Heath