I am a local childminder in Latchford and I thought this may be of interest to someone.

Today I have sent a formal complaint to NHS regarding track and trace.

Like I said above I am a local childminder and me and my 2 children have had to self isolate due to 2 of our close family members testing positive for Coronavirus.

This also means that I have had to close my childminding business for this duration and at present I have 13 children on my books. That’s 13 other families in Warrington that have been affected due to my having to close my business and not being able to provide childcare.

Now neither myself or my children have any symptoms and we chose not to get a test simply because regardless of any results we still would have been required to isolate.

Now the reason for my complaint is, one of my family members had their test at the new Warrington walk through site on Saturday 26th receiving their positive result the following day. My next family member had their test at the same site on Monday 28th receiving their result again the following day! Today is Friday 2nd October and I have not yet received any call from test and trace to inform me that I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or to tell me that I need to isolate!

Now had I been a lesser person, I could have continued to keep my business open and put the children that I care for at risk!

But thankfully I am not that selfish and I have a duty of care to the children and families that I provide care for as well as my own children and the children they go to school with!

Now Warrington is facing tighter local restrictions, and is it any wonder when track and trace is failing in their duty to inform the public so miserably!

The current track and trace system is an absolute joke! If it wasn’t for the fact that it was my own family members that tested positive then I would not have known 5 days later! Then those 13 families would have been put at unnecessary risk as well as the children at the school my children attend!

I completely blame the government and track and trace personally for this rise in the virus!

If they were informing people as quick as they should be then there would not be so many more cases rising throughout the borough!

People would be able to lead somewhat semi normal lives if they had not failed us so badly!

I am absolutely disgusted and very concerned that this is being allowed to happen and that the public are the ones who are suffering the consequences with further lockdowns and restrictions being imposed!