WHEN will the Government tell us the truth?

First we should go back to work. Now we should work at home.

We should go and ‘eat out to help out’, now we shouldn’t go to the pub or eat out after 10pm and we shouldn’t really do it with anyone we don’t live with.

We should go and watch a football match or rugby match. But now we shouldn’t. But they will make the kick-off time so we can watch it in a pub, presumably from our own table.

We should help the high street, but we should avoid going out.

The problem with populist Governments like this one and weak leaders with no morale fibre like Boris Johnson is they can’t make their minds up.

And so nobody has any faith in them or what they say.

He has no backbone and no real understanding or care for other people.

We are told lie after lie, about world class testing or how there will be a test to mean we can all go out by Christmas.

All this means fewer people are taking any notice of the restrictions as positive Covid cases continue to rise.

This week a minister said she would only complain about her neighbours if they ‘put a marquee up’ while another said it was ok to go grouse shooting.

Oh and you can still use a nanny.

None of these people live in the real world and couldn’t care less what happens in the north.

Of course coronavirus is worse here not because more people ignore the rules, but because more of us live in smaller homes and have to go out to earn a living.

I hope everyone who voted Tory at the last election is ashamed.

Their actions have made it worse for all of us. A sensible government would have made this much easier to live through.