I NEEDED to see my doctor.

I called and was told I had to fill in an online form. I’m pretty clued up on the internet but I even found it a little difficult as the choices I had to choose from weren’t really anything to do with why I wanted to speak to my doctor.

Anyway at the end of it I was told to call my practice or dial 111. If I did the latter I would not get a call from my doctor so I called the practice again and held on for at least 10 minutes.

The receptionist informed me that the doctor would prefer me to dial 111. So I did that.

A lovely lady answered and helped me by telling me that I needed to go to A&E within the hour because my knee had given way again and in my fall I injured a finger.

She also said to call the practice again to try to speak to my doctor to get the ball rolling to do something about my knee (I’m very scared of falling now as it’s happened a number of times).

I thanked her and again waited patiently to get through to the doctors again. Another 10-minute wait.

The receptionist said don’t say I told you but you’d be better telling them at A& E about your knee while you’re there. Quicker than speaking to the doctor. She was right but I had to wait about four hours to get to see someone in the fracture clinic where I had X-rays on my finger and he kindly asked them to also X-ray my knee.

He then referred me to an orthopaedic consultant who I’m seeing next Tuesday.

After starting the quest at 8.30am I eventually got home at 3.30pm.

I know a number of people who are very worried about all of this and who are holding back when they really need to see a doctor but just can’t cope with all the stuff they have to do to even speak to someone.

Can you tell me what the doctors are doing with themselves?

Why is it ok for the nurses in hospitals to see us but not our doctors? I’m thinking there must be a good explanation.

What it is please?