I HAVE just been into Asda Westbrook and the amount of people not wearing a mask correctly whilst shopping is unbelievable.

People have them pulled down so their nose is exposed, some have them blatantly under their chins.

You can’t be claiming to have a medical condition if you’re wearing one to get into the store then removing it or lowering it.

They should have the agency security guards on the front door walking round the store asking people to wear them properly or leave.

Ninety nine per cent of the staff I have seen have all got one on and working their shifts. If they can do it I’m sure Joe Public can for half an hour to shop.

In fact I only saw one member of staff without one and when I asked them why it was due to a medical condition.

Fair enough, some customers have medical conditions which means they can’t wear one but the majority of the customers I saw with nose or mouth exposed still had a mask on just not correctly.

If you have a mask wear it properly so this pandemic can come to a conclusion sooner rather than later.

You’re putting people’s lives in danger.