I AM not one to usually write in, but I am astonished by the complacency of a large portion of people in Warrington with regards to coronavirus.

I was in Aldi on Liverpool Road last week and I was in a queue of four people.

Out of those four people, I was the only one wearing a face mask and to make matters worse the woman behind me would not keep her distance from me.

Put another way, there were only 25 per cent of shoppers wearing face masks at that moment in time.

I fully appreciate that not everyone can wear one, but find it hard to believe that groups of up to four people shopping are all exempt from wearing one.

I can’t say I am surprised that Warrington’s number of coronavirus cases has increased somewhat, especially when many do not adhere to the rules.

Nobody likes wearing face masks, but we all have to do our bit to keep ourselves and others safe.