MY three boys attend schools in Great Sankey, My 14-year-old is at Great Sankey High School, my other boys attend Barrow Hall Primary School.

Warrington Borough Council has closed some roads in the area and put on traffic management.

Over the past two days I have spent 2.5 hours in total gridlock in the area because of the poor management of the local road network in the area.

This morning, the area was so bad that people had took to driving down pavements to get out of the area.

My eldest son nearly got knocked down getting out of my car.

The road network in Great Sankey is a shambles.

I ended up being late dropping my younger children off at school because of the traffic.

Don’t you believe as much as I do that children’s education has been affected too much already?

When I got to school there were children in tears entering the school because they were so late.

The council has had six months with virtually no traffic on the roads due to coronavirus, and now during the return to school they put in place major road closures – an absolute disgrace.