MOST of Garry Bebbington’s letters are easily dismissed as nonsense. But I couldn’t allow his latest rantings to go without reply.

In last week’s paper (Warrington Guardian, September 3, he said: “They have used residents’ money to invest in other schemes such as Redwood Bank and purchasing shopping centres without the residents’ consent.”

Whether or not you agree with such purchases (and I happen to think each of these purchases carry major risks with them) it is ridiculous to say it is without residents’ consent.

This Labour council has a massive majority handed down by the electorate in 2016.

That was when residents gave consent.

They don’t have to get a straw poll every time they make a decision.

We go to the polls again in May (hopefully) and then people get to hand down their verdict on the past five years.

If residents like what they have seen, they vote them in again.

If they don’t, vote for someone else.

Democracy is very simple.

Perhaps Mr Bebbington would like to try to understand it rather than sounding off at every tiff and turn.

Your other option is always to move to somewhere where the politics of the local council is more your scene.

I am guessing Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire would work.

ADAM SIMPSON Grappenhall