IN light of the increase in the number of coronavirus infections in Warrington, I would like to bring the issue of the use of face masks or face coverings to people’s attention.

As someone who relies on public transport I have become aware of the fact that many people do not have a basic understanding of how to wear a face mask or covering.

On buses, train and at the shops I have witnessed many people wearing them in a number of ways.

Many covering their mouth but leaving their noses uncovered – are they aware that we also breathe through our noses as well as our mouths?

Another alternative is wearing it under their chin – in fact it looks like a chin strap. If they have their nose covered sometimes they pull it down to talk – I can’t see the connection between being heard and exposing my nose.

Boarding the bus or train and then putting the mask on.

Are they aware that by time they have put the mask on they could have infected the other passengers and staff?

Another variation is boarding the bus or train with a mask fitted properly but during the journey they decide to pull it down under the nose or onto their chin.

If you are going to do that what is the point of putting it on?

If someone is not wearing a mask they could have a good reason as they are exempt.

What I do mind are people who wear their masks incorrectly.

Do they consider how health professionals wear masks, they do not leave their nose uncovered or lower them to talk to patients.

Perhaps if they took some time to think they would realise they could be increasing the risk of infection.

If so then they would take more care whilst out travelling or shopping.

Why carry a mask on your wrist at Golden Square when you should be wearing them in the shopping centres?

It would be helpful if there were more posters or signs clearly illustrating the fact that we need to cover our mouths and noses.

How about announcements in Golden Square shopping centre about the need to wear masks properly?

CAROL MAYO Collins Green