I’VE just been reading Gary Bebbington’s latest letter entitled cycle service (Warrington Guardian August 6).

For once I’m in complete agreement with Mr Bebbington’s views.

The majority of cyclists act irresponsibly and the authorities are reluctant to take enforcement action against them.

A few years ago I was a passenger in a car, on Orford Lane, when a cyclist came on the pavement without warning and collided with the car.

Fortunately, nobody sustained any real injury.

I went over to the opposite pavement to take photographs.

I was talking to a police constable when another cyclist appeared on the pavement and tried to squeeze past the policeman and myself.

I enquired of the policeman why he was condoning such irresponsible behaviour.

He then rebuked the cyclist, but with an obvious reluctance.

While the police have statutory powers to curb such irresponsible behaviour there is little evidence of them doing so.

This presents an opportunity for a freedom of information request to be made.