AS a regular user of Warrington’s roads, it’s fair to say that I see some pretty awful driving nearly every time I head out in my car.

But what I saw on Thursday last week took the biscuit.

I was on the Pink Eye roundabout, sat at a red light in one of the two lanes heading from the west into the merge point leading to the town centre.

Once the lights turned to green, the car at the front of the righthand lane of the two which lead into town continued along the roundabout in the direction of Sankey Bridges – an entirely proper manoeuvre.

From what happened next, I now know that she didn’t mean to do this and wanted to continue along Sankey Way.

No drama, just follow the roundabout around again right?

You’re maybe a couple of minutes later than you would have been, but what’s the rush?

She had other ideas, and decided to turn left into the oncoming lane so that she could force her way back into the queue she had just accidentally left.

It was just as well that there were no cars coming from town at the time, otherwise you might have been reading about this incident in the news section of the Warrington Guardian due to a serious crash having occurred.

Why do people have no absolutely no patience anymore?