I SEE the little experiment of extra pedestrian crossings in Stockton Heath didn’t last long.

Two sets of traffic lights, within yards of existing junctions, were put in to supposedly help with the current pandemic.

All it did instead was create long queues in either direction.

At least it is now consigned to the history books.

Now there is a one-way system to enter the tip surely that will create difficulties as well.

At least the council has come to its senses on that one.

All we need now is the reinstatement of the extra land on Wilson Patten Street as you drive towards Bridge Foot.

I would love to know what that is all about.

I am all for encouraging cycling but that is not even a cycle lane, it is just a blocked off road forcing vehicles to sit in a jam from the station.

The council has about six weeks to fix that one before schools go back and more offices return to normal.

Please, somebody see sense.