I HAVE read a lot lately about the need to support the high street in these difficult times.

I, and my wife, therefore decided to visit the town centre today for the first time in several months.

I’m afraid it was all very disappointing.

Firstly I went to Barclays bank, where I was surprised to be stuck in a queue even though only one of their more than six banking machines had any customers using them.

I asked the man on the door, and it was because eight people were sitting at the other end of the bank, fully 30 feet away, waiting to see a personal banker – therefore there would be too many people inside.

The malls were also disappointing as all the seating has been taken out, which upset my wife who cannot walk far.

I asked the centre management and they said it was to get people to walk on the left hand side of the malls.

Of course, in real life, few people are sticking to this regime.

It’s all a bit daft isn’t it ?

I will not being going back there any time soon.