GARY Bebbington is like Marmite, you either love his comments or hate them, but many a time his common sense comments are worthy of note (Warrington Guardian, July 16).

His Jammington letter in last week’s Guardian was very true, and in particular the traffic management for the Station Road Latchford is easy to predict.

Additionally, the new builds in Grappenhall and Appleton are also a traffic management concern.

Within the next 12 months you will have predictable bottlenecks on the Cantilever Bridge (which will no doubt need pothole repairs every other week).

With regards to the Appleton housing developments the A49, which is currently bottlenecked at rush hour, will become even worse from town spreading all the way up through Stockton Heath to the Cat and Lion pub and to the M56.

So, any common sense comments welcome please.