IN Sankey Valley Park I overheard a woman apologising for her dog going over to an elderly gentleman.

“Sorry, sorry,” she said.

The gentleman replied: “It should be on a lead.”

This seemed to surprise the woman, who replied: “No it shouldn’t”.

Out of interest, I looked it up online and the council by law is clear – in a public park a dog should be kept on a lead.

I understand that Gulliver’s World will be allowing up to 70 dog places in kennels.

It might be worth the police handing out leaflets to those dog owners, all using the Sankey Valley Park for exercise and their toilet needs, to keep their dogs under control and to pick up any dog excrement.

Remember, all those people who think that their dog will never bite anyone.

Sadly and time and time again, dogs will suddenly turn and bite.

It is too late then and often the clock cannot be turned back.