I’VE heard the spread of the coronavirus blamed on a great many things, from 5G masts to eating bats, but never on the electoral system of ‘first past the post’.

I’ve read many letters, in the past some have frustrated me but none before Andy Watson’s has made me laugh so much (Warrington Guardian, June 18).

Andy, let me explain.

The virus is passed person to person, not by political ideology.

If you’re stood right next to an infected person, there’s a chance you’ll catch it.

If you’re 50 miles away you won’t.

There are a great many variable factors but let’s just focus on two: population density and national attitudes.

The UK has a population density (according to Google) of 281, while for Germany, it’s 240.

For New Zealand, it’s 18.

That is an enormous difference.

In New Zealand you’re far more likely to be surrounded by sheep than fellow human beings and as far as I know, sheep are not transmitters.

Put simply, the more crowded, the more likely it is to spread and take hold.

Now next look at national attitudes.

The Germans are very good at following instructions.

We are not.

When the German Government ‘suggested’ locking down, the Germans locked down, the British didn’t.

How do I know?

Well, it was a sunny weekend and before car journeys were banned, we went for a isolation drive to Parkgate.

It was unbelievable.

The front was absolutely packed to the gunwales with no social distancing taking place.

Virus transmission heaven.

It never occurred to me that those who believed in a first past the post system would be safe, while all others were vulnerable.

I just thought each and every one was an idiot.

That was replicated, the length of the country.

I could go, on because there are a great many other factors affecting its spread but political ideology isn’t one.