I TAKE exception to the largely dismissive tone of the opinion piece in last week’s Guardian about developing cycling infrastructure within the town (Fly in the Ointment, June 18).

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) has a current Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which appears aspirational and well-conceived.

However it does assume that it would take until 2029 to double the uptake of cycling across Warrington.

As your opinion piece noted, cycling has in fact doubled already during lockdown.

Most working-age residents in Warrington have a commute of less than 5km in length, a highly cyclable distance.

WBC’s LCWIP includes six primary cycling routes for the last mile into the town centre that could facilitate this.

The UK government has an emergency £250 million Active Travel fund earmarked for the creation of protected spaces for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions, and cycle corridors – with a further £2billion investment to follow.

We have the demand.

We have funding.

We have a plan.

We should improve cycling infrastructure immediately to achieve the environmental and wellbeing benefits of active travel for Warrington residents before the chance is lost for a decade.

I especially urge WBC to prioritise the development of the six proposed primary segregated cycle routes into the town centre.

MIKE WASS Warrington and Halton Green Party transport spokesperson