OH dear.

We apparently have one of those ‘snowflakes’ in our midst who seems to think that you can get rid of the ‘bad bits’ of our history by dismantling statues which were erected in an age when people were made of much sterner stuff.

I dare say that Steven Walsh and his followers (Warrington Guardian, June 18) are already hurriedly assembling a hit list of offensive monuments that they would like to see removed.

After all, why stop with Cromwell?

Surely there must be other statues to dastardly historical characters scattered around our boundaries that also deserve the chop.

Maybe we should do away with the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ sculpture on the grounds that it encourages children to believe in fanciful fairytales that are so far removed from reality it could damage their ability to separate fact from fiction.

And what about that statue to Brian Bevan?

It is an absolute affront to those who prefer to play sport with round balls.

Liverpool council continues with its feverish search for any link to the slave trade and ‘Penny Lane’ so that they can be rid of this stomach churning name which most people remember because of its connections to a pop group rather than the slave trade.

You cannot change or hide away from history by getting rid of monuments.

Whether they are to military commanders, politicians, royalty, or other public figures, virtually all had a side to them that in this day and age would be found to be questionable by our modern standards.

But historic monuments serve as a reminder to everyone of our sometimes unsavoury and cruel past, and those involved in it.

For that reason alone, they should stay so that we do not forget.