I WORK for the NHS in Manchester and have to travel on public transport to get to work.

Many people on Monday and Tuesday were not wearing face coverings.

One person got the train from Birchwood and had one on, then sat down and took it off and then started coughing – not washing his hands.

I told the guard but they didn’t seem bothered by it and told me there was not much they can do and to contact the police, then walked off.

I am horrified by the lack of care and attention from Northern, I’ve seen many people complaining on Twitter.

I work 18-hour days sometimes to help in the fight for Covid-19, the least the travel companies can do is to protect passengers and staff on board.

I did also contact the minister, who seemed to be concerned that this was happening.

Transport for Greater Manchester didn’t think there was an issue and said they aren’t going to be policing it, which I think is insane.

I’m doing all I can to protect people, the least they can do is stop people from travelling as this now is the law.

JAMES TOWN Warrington