GUTTED is the word this morning.

Since the lockdown I’ve taken great delight in getting out at sunrise and walking over the hill between the Ferry pub and the tip road.

One of the things which has brought me a huge amount of joy is watching the migrating birds return.

In particular the four to five species of warblers which migrate from Africa and come to locations like this area to breed in the grasses and sedges we happen to have in Penketh.

So they travel thousands of miles, pair up, breed, build nests and raise young chicks before flying back to Africa in the autumn.

The breeding season is April to June.

This morning I’ve been up over the hill and the grass has been cut.

Every nest and every chick in that area would have been wiped out.

I’m gutted and to be honest, quite upset.

I don’t understand why that area would be cut and why it would be cut during breeding season.

At a sarcastic level – thank you to the mindless idiots who decided to basically murder the next generation of these birds.

It’ll be another year before you get the opportunity to do it all over again.