On the 75th anniversary Victory of Europe Day, my family and I made a conscious effort to celebrate everything that the memorable occasion stood to represent.

Despite the restrictions we were faced with, we did our utmost best to celebrate and pay our respects in a way that abided by the rules of lockdown in the most absolute way.

Sitting in the blazing Warringtonian midday sun, we enjoyed homemade afternoon tea, sang along to patriotic anthems, and raised flutes of Orford champagne (budget prosecco).

Several people walked by smirking at our efforts, some stopping for a few seconds to admire our setup.

However, one particular passerby made a mark on our day.

A couple strolled past with an infant in pram, smiling at us as they did. About a half hour later they returned with shopping bags hooked onto the pram handles.

To our initial confusion, they stopped in front of us.

My girlfriend and I sat baffled as the lady appeared to be fumbling around in her bag for life right in front of us.

Then she produced a bottle of white Pinot Grigio.

She placed it on the table in front of us with a smile and said, ‘you seem to be having so much fun, have this and enjoy’, then proceeded to walk homeward bound.

To some this may appear as a small gesture, but it put a smile on all of our faces and demonstrated the true British unity and generosity that our country has previously relied on in times of crisis, as it does today as we combat this virus.

DAVID J MOORE Warrington town centre