HONESTLY, the world has gone mad.

I hope the bin collection gets privatised as I’m sure we’ll get a better service.

Today my blue bin was full (lid just about closed), but due to lockdown I have extra cardboard which I’d flattened.

In the past I’d been aware that the binmen would leave anything extra and just empty the bin, so I waited for them to arrive.

I picked up the extra cardboard and offered to put it in the back of the bin wagon but I was told I wasn’t allowed to for health and safety.

I asked if he can put it in for me and said he’s not allowed to pick up anything other than the bin.

He emptied the bin and I then asked if I could put the cardboard in the bin and if he could then empty it again (if that’s all he’s allowed to touch), he said no not allowed.

So the street is full of empty boxes because during lockdown people are at home more and therefore more waste, and the council wonder why tipping is such a problem.

Just a joke.