SAINSBURY’S are refusing to provide delivery during lockdown for my mum who is 90.

She has shopped with them every week for 35 years.

I tried to register her on the Government website, but because she doesn’t have any pre-existing health conditions it said she didn’t qualify.

I contacted Sainsbury’s helpline, but it was all automated and I received a negative response from them.

At the moment I am doing her shopping for her, but may return to work in the next couple of weeks and wanted something in place for her.

I emailed the chief executive’s office to see if they could help and received a call from them today.

They said that, unfortunately, because she didn’t have an online account with them beforehand (how many 90-year-olds do?) and because she doesn’t have a pre-existing health condition they’re not able to help.

I know of perfectly fit and well younger people who are receiving online deliveries from Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets and yet a 90-year-old apparently isn’t eligible.

If she didn’t have me, would they expect her to starve or put herself at risk by taking public transport to the store and shopping with other customers?

This would breach the clear government guidelines which she has followed to the letter for the past few weeks.

She hasn’t left the house apart from to go in her garden or for a short walk alone and has had no contact with anyone, apart from waving to me from a distance when I drop her shopping off each week.

JUDITH FOX Warrington