IN the past you have published a number of my letters in which I have expressed concern about the negative attitude from one of the Woolston/Rixton ward councillors.

When I next had concerns I decided to approach our newly appointed candidate – Chris Vobe.

He dealt with my enquiry promptly, courteously and he took instant action to resolve.

In consequence of the lockdown I am unable to achieve full enjoyment from the use of my car and consider that I should have a refund of some of my road fund licence.

I wrote to the DVLA about this matter and eventually they replied. Unfortunately this showed that the agency had confused my enquiry with being about SORN even though it clearly was not.

I then referred the matter to the new MP for Warrington North – Charlotte Nicholls.

She responded quickly and positively and has referred the matter to transport secretary Grant Shapps.

 This has renewed my faith and trust in our elected representatives at both local and national levels.