YET again Gary Bebbington is criticising residents in north Warrington accusing them of fly tipping (Warrington Guardian, April 30).

How does he know that the perpetrators are from the Chapelford area?

Did he follow them? Did he even see them?

You don’t have to live in the area to fly tip. His constant carping on about the residents of north Warrington is getting tiresome.

His constant criticism of the local government is boring.

Why not move if he is so unhappy here and give us all a break!



I DID enjoy yet more nonsense from the pen of Gary Bebbington last week.

I am sure there has been fly-tipping in north Warrington.

There is loads in the south too.

Have you ever driven down Witherwin Avenue – it is hard to remember when a sofa was not dumped there – there are even signs up to warn people.

How about the road from the M6 to Appleton Thorn? The bushes at the side of the road are covered in rubbish.

People are the problem Gary. Not where they live.

Idiotic acts such as fly-tipping happen everywhere.

If you hate living in Warrington so much, take a hike to some Tory area like Buckinghamshire or Sussex.

I bet they have just as much fly-tipping.

And they have just as many people with nothing better to do than write to letters pages.