WHILE Appleton Parish Council may have been busy are they misguided (Warrington Guardian, April 23)?

Who sits on the PC?

Do they have a commercially viable plan or just rose tinted glasses?

I’m not quite sure what Mr Parks perceives as a ‘threat’. The pubs listed are only liable for closure for one reason – no-one uses them and by use I mean spend money to make the establishment financially viable.

The requirement for new homes is far more desirable than a boarded up pub. I don’t see how this can been seen as a ‘threat’ – unless you’re a nimby of course!

With regard to the rugby pitches in Bridge Lane, they’ve not been used since the clubhouse was burnt down.

This land could be used for any of many much-needed facilities: affordable housing, sheltered accommodation for the homeless and/or drug users of the area, permanent camp for travelling community, nursing home.

There are many uses that would regenerate under used land and building.

 I’m sure developers make a few bob – they are the ones creating jobs for construction staff and taking the risk.

Landlords/owners selling land/buildings take a big slice and run.

The council don’t do bad either, planning fees, S106 fees, and of course a long term rates income.

I can’t see that any of these sites will spoil Bill’s walks round the miles of beautiful paths in Appleton.