DUE to the tips being closed it seems that certain individuals of our society think it perfectly acceptable to fly tip and leave residential, commercial and retail rubbish in ditches and verges away from their own properties.

Having moved from the beautiful Warwickshire countryside a few years ago, my fiancee and I bought a lovely home on Saxon Park overlooking the Mersey and views of fields and were very happy with our choice until recently.

I have seen small pockets of rubbish dumped near the tip entrances and surrounding bushes when they’re closed, and am astounded that no-one from the council/tip has ever made the effort to attempt to clear this up.

My main concern is the huge amount that has been dumped on both sides of the water works entrances near Forrest Way and other entrance on the other side on the trail.

Fly-tipping needs to be addressed much sooner than later or the council will need to spend thousands on a clear up at the taxpayers expense.

I already get a very poor return on my high council tax so I will not be happy when all this dumping is tagged onto next year’s bill.

It is not down to the likes of the Trans Pennine Trust, Sustrans and NCN to clear this up, nor is it acceptable for residents and users of the trail to put up with the dregs of humanity who think it is acceptable to do this.

CCTV would hopefully help prosecute the offenders so fines can be generated and also deter boy racers risking their lives and cars by using the area as a racetrack.

Another massively contributing factor to the issue is the closure of the tip.

While I fully understand social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic I cannot see why the tip cannot be manned in a way to still be operating.