LOOKS like Appleton Parish Council has had plenty of time during the outbreak.

I have seen stories in the Warrington Guardian about applications for extra protection for the Millennium Green, Thorn Inn and the rugby pitches on Bridge Lane.

I would like to thank the parish council for the work.

I hope nothing ever happens that would threaten these sites, but if it does it seems the council is as prepared as possible to fight it.

I do wonder how effective these assets of community value tags are however.

In the case of the Star Inn in Lymm and the Raven Inn in Glazebury, they have not saved the pubs from closing.

Indeed I read recently that campaigners still fear for a developer buying the Raven.

So while I welcome the move, I do worry that greedy developers might be waiting to pounce.

During my state-issued hour of exercise, I have come to really appreciate the beauty of Appleton – it looks its best in the spring sun.

I would hate to think more development than necessary would ruin it.