I HAVE just been to our friendly Nisa Shop on Harrison Square.

As you all are aware Mike is staying open through these hard times for all, not just you or me but for all.

Please have some respect not only for Mike as the shop owner, but also his much needed and reliable staff.

They have had to limit numbers going in the shop to two or three at a time.

Please be patient, rather than angry or frustrated.

They are limiting the numbers not for their good but for your good health and yet are still also putting their own health at risk.

I had to queue outside for no more than five minutes and I’m disabled, so if I can do it so can you.

Lets stop this angst please.

The pubs are shut, the town is like a ghost town.

So you need to go to places at Nisa Shops just like Harrison Square.

We don’t need people to get angry at times like these.