I AM disgusted that, despite several requests, the Government insists on maintaining the Mersey Gateway tolls and using the motorists as a cash cow amid a pandemic that current requires the minimum of vehicles on the road to due to the Government’s instruction for isolation.

To impose these tolls on the route between two hospitals and charging key workers and goods is beyond belief.

The Mersey Gateway, known locally as the bridge to poverty, is definitely living up to its name.

Many key NHS employees, care workers, suppliers of key goods and food, people on furlough, people who lost their jobs due to business closures and redundancy and of course others of all ages desperate to care for their families use this bridge.

Yet the Government continues to refuse requests to temporarily suspend these tolls.

This is a major route through a borough, all around us various organisations have removed charges for an average period of three months.

Even the regional mayor Steve Rotheram has suspended the Mersey Tunnel tolls, albeit for three weeks and an option to extend it.

This Government does not even know there is life after the Watford Gap.