THIS stressful situation we are living through is truly bringing out the best in people in terms of a sense of responsibility and community doing what they can to help each other.

But sad to say it is also bringing out the very worst in people right now as I witnessed and was victim to a hideous display of careless, selfish and threatening behaviour.

I was driving to collect some provisions for my mum and slowly moving between a narrow gap of parked cars, I waited for a cyclist to come through up ahead.

He hesitated, as did I, then he stopped, putting his foot to the ground.

He was on his phone as well so was preoccupied so I proceeded very slowly through the gap and when we were level, he spat all over the windscreen of my car and then rode away.

Now I recognise that he may have been angry that he should have priority but there was no danger to either of us, just a case of road protocol.

But I cannot understand the mentality of his actions, the implications of which are shocking and very worrying.

I’m only grateful that I didn’t have my window open.