AN open letter to Cllr Cathy Mitchell.

I, along with many others (councillors and residents), have complained for years about the dangerous surface of the Forge car park in Stockton Heath.

At a parish council meeting some months ago it was said that the cost of repairing and re-painting the surface was in excess of £50,000 and that work would begin in the spring of 2020.

From the article in Warrington Guardian (March 12) I read that repairs costing £9,000 have been carried out. I went to check and it is extremely difficult to find where these repairs are.

Later I was told that the pedestrian crossing has been re-surfaced and re-painted.

While this is welcome it is not even a fraction of the area needing urgent attention.

May I invite you to come and see the car park, maybe even drive round it?

Then perhaps you would be kind enough to show me a safe route between the pot holes.

Saying ‘the work has been completed’ is an insult to regular users.

CELIA JORDAN Stockton Heath