WITH respect to the green waste collection fee, or garden tax.

I do not agree with giving my details to open an enforced ‘My Warrington account’ to obtain the charge at a reduced rate.

These charges have increased year on year above the rate of inflation and to impose a massive differential of almost 15 per cent above the online cost to those who do not want to leave their details.

This is still an optional element on many of WBC’s other services.

Why is this not an option for online users to pay for the green waste collection?

Without a ‘My Warrington Account’, walk in or telephone payments all result in almost 15 per cent over and above your already above inflation cost for this service at £40.

A more beneficial system would be to maintain the fee at a constant price and not assume all have access to a computer or electronic device.

Apart from this being an applied above inflation garden tax they are also hitting others with another above inflation tax by not paying via the mandatory ‘My Warrington Account’ and this also on top of an above inflation increased council tax.

I think WBC are disgusting the way they treat the people of this town and must also learn that the public do not have permanent deep pockets.

I would like to see when this enforced account is to be optional, after all the green waste choice is optional and I believe am entitled not to give my details for an enforced account.

All of this must be adding to local fly tipping and additional green waste in black bins.