PRESENTLY the antiquated 12p Warburton toll bridge, which has its own historical risk to the health of the community through traffic delays and difficulties for ambulances to get through, will now be a further health hazard due to the fact that so many people will be exchanging cash on a daily basis.

The hand hygiene issues here are immense.

I recognise that they have a business model that needs to be maintained during this health crisis, but they could come up with a solution to reduce contact:

1. Maybe fixed price tickets for a full week

2. A tray to drop exact change in to

3. Pump alcogel sanitiser to use as you exchange money.

At present as a commuter I am unable to even obtain hand sanitiser to wash my hands after the exchange of money and as such I contaminate my car steering wheel and gear stick for a period of time while going to work.

As of this evening on Friday, the staff were not wearing gloves and there is no collection box for exchanging money and as such the staff are making hand-to-hand contact with thousands of motorists per day.

Much like the threat during the war we all have a duty to work for the greater good.