I AM a senior nurse practitioner.

I entered Tesco car park via Dallam Lane at 8am on the morning of February 13 and left five minutes later via the Winwick Road exit and went to work.

After my shift I went back into Tesco via the Winwick Road entrance and left via Dallam Lane 10 minutes later.

I received a parking fine from Horizon with photos of my car entering Tesco car park via Dallam lane at 8.02am and leaving Dallam lane at 5.03pm.

The fine was for £20 if I paid now or £70 after two weeks.

The fine stated that my car was on the car park for nine hours one minute.

I had to get a letter from my manager confirming I was in work then appeal which I did and the fine was cancelled.

I have since heard of friends and colleagues having the same problem on Tesco and also Junction 9 Retail Park.

I am concerned for the people who are unable to prove they did not leave their cars and also are intimidated by the increase in payment if delayed.

To receive a letter like this through the post could cause a lot of anxiety for certain people ie the elderly or vulnerable people.

I feel this is such a money making racket.

If car parks have two entrances and exits common sense would say that both have cameras working in conjunction with each other which is obviously not the case.

I feel that people need to be aware of the possible consequences of going to visit places like Tesco and Junction 9 if they visit twice in the same day like myself.