I READ Ben Wakerley’s column about buses in the Warrington Guardian with interest and agreed with everything he said.

But I cannot contact him, as boss of Warrington’s Own Buses, or his company by email to tell him what a good job he is doing.

The online form is designed for complaints with no attachments possible.

There is no email address at all on the website so I asked his bosses and got no response. I asked Ben in a private message on Twitter with the same result.

As organiser of Britain’s most scenic bus route survey, I found it relatively simple to email all the bosses of the major bus companies in the country.

The question must be asked – why does the comparatively small Warrington’s Own Buses, and Ben in particular, not want to be contacted in this way?

Email is the easiest and most efficient way of communication.

So come on Ben, do the right thing and encourage feedback. Let’s see your email address, or one for Warrington’s Own Buses, advertised. Who knows, you could be swamped with compliments!