HERE we go again with the Labour council so desperate to pull extra votes for the forthcoming local elections.

Yet again they have pandered to the residents of Smith Drive, Hallfields Road,Withers Avenue and Hallows Avenue (Warrington Guardian, February 20).

Every house has the luxury of a grass verge and driveway – the roads concerned are access only and 20mph speed limit.

On the other side of town our streets and footpaths are continually blocked due to cars dumped due to money grabbing WBC parking charges.

This turns all our streets into rat runs by motorists trying to avoid congestion.

Due to all this our streets never get cleaned and grids are continually blocked due to fallen leaves.

We have a five-road junction on the end of the street with a Bargain Booze outlet, cars block footpaths and park in stupid angles yet can we get any traffic calming or resident parking?

No chance. Gary Bebbington isn’t the only one with a chip on his shoulder – most of South Warrington has.

Maybe if we were unfortunate to have a Labour councillor we would get our share of the pot.