THE Centre Park link scheme, with a new Mersey bridge, has been sold to the public as a project that will relieve traffic congestion by providing a new river bridge link and increase resilience and reliability of the highway network by saving journey time for commuters, business users and transport providers.

All this will contribute to the achievement of air quality objectives in Warrington town centre.

Fantastic, we will finally be able to drive around Warrington without having to spend too much of our time stuck in traffic polluting the air and adding to climate change.

However reading the scheme in more detail, it then goes on to say that other objectives of the scheme include making Warrington a more attractive place to live and for businesses to invest.

Ah so here’s the real reason, development.

Because it then goes on to say the scheme will enhance access to the town centre and Centre Park Business Park, leading to economic growth and physical regeneration at Centre Park and in the town centre.

This means more potential being released for the developers because it further says about making land viable for development of new housing by providing access to brownfield and underused sites in the town centre and Warrington waterfront.

So in conclusion this scheme sounds great and well worth the £20million of public funds but the reality is this public fund is being spent for developer opportunities, to line their pockets and with all this extra housing will be extra cars, resulting in being back to square one sitting in traffic, polluting the air and adding to climate change.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath