ON a very blustery Tuesday morning (February 11), my mum, who has the early onset of Alzheimers, decided to go for a walk to Morrisons.

The wind blew her over and she fell in the park near Gainsborough Road, I had no idea who came to my mum’s assistance and called an ambulance to assist her.

Unfortunately due to my mum’s memory problems she has very little recollection of the incident or the person that helped in her time of need.

My mum is fine, due to a good Samaritan she only sustained a black eye.

Today a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived from a kind lady called Maureen, this is the person who helped my mum.

Maureen, if you happen to be reading this or if anybody knows who this kind lady is, please give her a hug and a huge thank you from me.

I am beyond grateful for your compassion and selflessness – you have restored my faith in humanity.

Truly humbled and with much appreciation.