AS our drive is regularly used as a public urinal, I am naturally interested in Lymm Parish Council’s proposal to have a new public toilet on Church Road in Lymm.

This will replace the one removed on cost grounds by the borough council a couple of years ago.

It turns out the new toilet needs planning permission.

Reading the correspondence on the subject now online is revealing.

The work, including administration, is being handled by the building services department of Warrington Borough Council.

The planning application got off to a bad start – the building services department used the wrong form, somebody thought the new toilet was a listed building.

Now the right form has been used but progress appears to be on hold.

The planners are unable to ‘validate the application’ as the building services department, when sending the form, omitted payment of the £234 fee – presumably payable from Warrington Borough Council to Warrington Borough Council.

It’s bureaucracy of the madhouse.

No wonder our council tax bills are going up by twice the level of inflation.

PS The planners now appear to call themselves ‘growth directorate’.

That says it all.