WITH reference to your article in last week’s Warrington Guardian regarding the unlawful pruning of a holly tree in the grounds of Mrs Jennifer Jacques-Williams’ home in Victoria Road Grappenhall.

Warrington Borough Council is really clutching at straws here and scraping the bottom of the barrel in respect of greediness.

Mrs Williams was open and upfront from the outset of the matter approaching WBC.

They decided in their wisdom that nothing could be done to the tree whatsoever.

Mrs Williams pruned the tree to an acceptable level yet she was fined.

How ridiculous – I’m sure she disposed of the cuttings responsibly.

Yet people in Grasmere Avenue and Orford Lane area can fly tip rubbish and household furnishings without recourse – at the expense of the council tax payer.

WBC you really need to start getting your priorities right and start chasing the proper criminals in this town.