I HAVE within the past two days attempted to subscribe to the council’s garden waste collection service only to find that I am being forced to open an account with Warrington Borough Council to pay a once a year subscription.

I absolutely disagree with this and find there is no option to pay online without opening this forced account, several other parts of WBC’s website give an option of use without an account and I feel I am being unfairly treated regards options.

The cost of this service and the application is deplorable to anybody who does not want this enforced account and especially to many residents who may not have access to the internet.

A subscription for 2020 costs £35 if you sign up online or £40 if you sign up over the phone or in the one-stop shop.

The price is the same even if you sign up partway through the subscription year.

This extortionate cost applied to a previously free service has been rising year on year way above inflation.

Despite the following questions remaining unanswered, just how much do you intend fleecing the residents of Warrington.

Why are Warrington council debts going to exceed £1.2 billion during this financial year?

Why is council tax going up by an unprecedented amount?

Why are there still cuts to council services?

Where all the huge returns from the ‘investments’ made by Warrington Borough Council?

The local government payment from central government is increasing this year and yet your entire costing are beyond inflation.

Will you be removing this forced sign up and giving people the option to buy on without creating an account?

I will be contacting GDPR regards what I consider a scam to obtain additional information from your residents.