HAS anyone noticed the problem with elastic bands dumped on our pavements and streets?

Letters are banded together at the sorting office and when the posties remove them they habitually throw them down.

You can see this in most areas across the town.

Some are blighted by worse litter, but even streets otherwise completely clear are strewn with old rubber bands.

A quick online search suggests rubber takes about 100 years to bio degrade.

On a short walk around one estate I took the trouble to collect the bands I saw. I only walked round once so this bundle, pictured above, is from one side of the road only. I won’t say where as readers may like to comment if their neighbourhood streets are similarly littered.

While I know other people are responsible for a lot of litter how many routinely throw it down as part of their job?

Would Royal Mail care to comment?

CHRIS ROBB Warrington