HONESTLY. What’s going on with the world today?

I’m registered with Parkview Medical Centre in Orford.

You can ring to make an appointment and you are told to ring on the day.

You ring on the day and they say they haven’t got any appointments left.

You now ring and they say that you have to use e-consult online and a doctor will get back to you.

On the assumption that everyone has online access and knows how to use the internet.

You try to use e-consult online and there isn’t nearly enough information to describe your symptoms or for you to pick the correct category so you end up picking something as close to what you think and then the doctors moan at you, should you get an appointment, for selecting the wrong info.

Mind you even if you can pick an option that suits go careful about what you say or else it will just tell you to go to A&E and you can’t proceed so instead you end up lying about your symptoms.

An example of this is that I suffer with anxiety and it’s really bad.

I don’t need to go to accident and emergency as it’s not life threatening – try telling the e-consult that though!

I can see the use of it from both sides of the argument but honestly I’d like to know how much this cost the surgery because honestly it could be good but it is just not fit for purpose.

At the very least it will deter people who are genuinely ill from getting better because of the current systems you have in place.