I’M afraid Richard Buttrey needs to help his government work out exactly what Brexit means (Warrington Guardian, January 23).

A week before his letter appeared, Chancellor Sajid Javid told us that Britain would not be aligning at all with EU regulations, causing such consternation among industrial leaders that six days later he was forced to contradict himself.

Today we see Priti Patel telling us that there will be no alignment whatsoever while Steven Barclay Brexit secretary says he wants zero tariff, zero quotas, something only achievable with full alignment.

So which is it? Brexiter culture minister Nigel Adams was surprised that ending freedom of movement will stop jazz musicians from touring, no thought for academics or students on the Erasmus programme, what did he sign up for?

You can bluster all you like out of power, but now you have Brexit and come up against realpolitik.

Given a ridiculous deadline of 2021 expect either a car crash or massive fudge.

A sensible negotiated solution where the consequences are discussed and disclosed to the British people isn’t going to happen, the relevant scrutinizing committee having been abolished.

But as Boris Johnson is so anxious to remain in power I doubt he will risk a traumatic crash out, so fudge it is.

The army has an expression about planning called the five Ps but then as Donald Tusk pointed out, there was not even the sketch of a plan, not even for Big Ben Bongs.

And Richard, having a science degree, I read from original sources not politicians, American intensive animal husbandry standards are abysmal and inhumane and your chum Michael Gove said he would fight against drug-crammed US meat being sold freely in the UK, so perhaps it’s true.